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Special Event Flower Experts


 Whether it's YOUR big day or a friends..weddings are stressful!  We understand this completely and want to help where we can. Schedule a free consultation with Andrea Steward so she can dream up your special day! 

Get Your Hands A Little Dirty


 Many companies in the Bay Area are just starting out. Each team member is adjusting to the company and it sure would be nice to have an hour of downtime to have adult craft time at work! We supply all the material needed to come to your office and host an awesome team bonding class. Let's choose the craft together and make it happen! 

Holiday Decor

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Although decorating a holiday tree isn't rocket science..the planning, color coordination, and designing are actually quite challenging. We don't just decorate items and drop them off. We create a scene. A scene that provokes nostalgia and joy. We might be more excited about your holiday decorations than you are. 

One Of A Kind Moss Walls

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Wall paint is just plain boring at times! 

Let's think outside the box for your home or office space. Our preserved mosses are the perfect way to create an accent wall that looks like a plant wall. The best part about this option is there is ZERO MAINTENANCE required to keep it beautiful. Is your monthly budget slim but you have a one time budget available? This is literally the answer to add greenery to your space without the worry of recurring cost.

Framed Natural Art

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Moss art makes for a gorgeous statement piece in any room. 

We make custom moss pieces and natural art pieces that can match ANY THEME. Do you have a themed room but cannot find the right art piece for the focal wall? We can incorporate natural elements and other materials to pair just perfectly with your decor! 

Email us pictures of your room and we can send over a few concepts. 

Interior Plant Design & Maintenance

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Plants were not created to live indoors. They are used to being in the earth surrounded by nature. Our passion at Harmony In Bloom is specifying particular plants that will survive as long as possible in any given area in your home or office. We maintain the plants, treat them when they have pest issues, and continue to help them thrive as long as possible. When the plants eventually decline and are no longer A grade, we donate them to local entities and replace them as part of your regular service agreement. Think of it as "plant insurance". Our trained service squad is wonderful at keeping plants gorgeous. We hope you will trust us with your plants. 


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