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Two Creative Cats Having a Blast!

First Off...

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to research who we are! We are completely honored and appreciate you.

My name is Andrea Steward and I'm a plant and nature enthusiast! I've loved trees, flowers, and nature in general for the entirety of my upbringing. My passion for nature led me to Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo and I ended up studying Ornamental Horticulture. O.H is basically the study of plants in their entirety with a sort of like combination of how people relate to them! It turns out that I loved nature even more than I thought.

After leveling up in life and getting my degree.. I ventured off to the Bay Area to put my newly found skills and knowledge to good use. I worked for three of the top Interior Plantscaping companies in the Bay and enjoyed every moment of it. I lead many creative plant projects for Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Westfield Malls, awesome startups, accounting firms, banks, you name it! I enjoyed Directing Sales for previous employers but I truly missed getting my hands dirty. There is something magical about creating art with your hands!

In 2018 my life changed in wonderful way! I got married, my husband Greg became a pastor, and I started Harmony In Bloom.Quitting my job was a huge leap of faith but I knew it was where I was being lead. 

I plan to stay a small business with a few large projects and a few events each year so we can have plenty of time to give each project 100%. We are also dedicated to serving our communities locally and overseas which we feel is priority. We believe life is more enjoyable when you spend it loving others. 

Harmony In Bloom has been a wonderful way for us to express ourselves and create inspiring natural art and indoor plantscapes to make someones day! We enjoy serving our clients in the Bay Area. None of this would be possible without wonderful clients like you!

Join us in "happy" by letting us make your office, special event, or home look absolutely you.


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