Do you need a little more plant life in your life?

It takes more than a designer with a "good eye"

We have seen it all..Honestly! Take a deep breath but please read this section if you are shopping online for plants. 

We have walked into offices where an employee bought a ton of plants from a local nursery  or perhaps an online eCommerce website and directly planted each plant in pots and placed them around their office. 

We have walked into offices or homes where an interior designer a client hired specified plants that were NOT the correct plants for the given lighting conditions and it was like an episode of a plant murder mystery series on Netflix. 

We have walked into offices where other interior plant companies let the account go down the drain because life gets busy. 

With that being said. Please let us in on your project ahead of time. Let us come out and check out your lighting and interior environment and give you a quote to bring the correct plant life to your office or home.

 Once we solidify the design, meet budget and then install the plants we would love to take care of them for you. 


It is completely normal for plants to have yellowing leaves, drop leaves, and to even decline completely in an indoor environment. Our job is to literally "trick" a plant into thinking they are outside in the earth with unlimited resources. 

We add soil, water, and pest prevention and treatment to the plants. We clean their leaves so they will continue to have an easier time photosynthesizing. We may even say hello to them because science proves that plants have feelings too! 

We provide plant designing, plant maintenance, and color programs for orchids, succulents, air plants etc. I (Andi Steward) will be directly servicing and handling your plantscape. I own the company so I will own the quality!

I'm sure you have a LOT of questions.

Nothing is better than seeing the final product!

This is what 192 plants on a wall looks like. We designed these plant walls to serve a double purpose. They were wall art for both the hallway and the lobby! The large glass walls created a greenhouse effect for the plants and they LOVED IT!!!!!