All About the moss!


Let's face it..we all have an auntie who knows how to grow beautiful plants but it's actually a bit challenging for the average person. 

I have a solution for you: Preserved plant art that looks and feels just like the real thing but doesn't require you to set a calendar reminder to water it. These beauties are ZERO maintenance. We can even design an entire custom wall that makes a statement in your home or office space. 

Your project isn't too small or too large for us. 

Here is the typical process:

  1. Free consultation-In person samples and discussion
  2. Proposal- Pricing emailed over with details.
  3. Mini Version-Depending on the size of the project, we will create a miniature version of the overall design so you can get a good idea of the flow.
  4. Schedule the install- We hash out the install plan and discuss the process including the expectations. 
  5.  You have the coolest wall that has never been done and would be nearly impossible to replicate!